Account Settings

Under the Account Settings section, you can modify a few key features.

  1. Location Tracking: You can choose if you'd like to use an interactive google map to track the vehicle's location as its going through recon or if you'd like to track the general area in which the vehicle is currently located. To view this information on your dashboard, remember to set the Location setting in Display Settings to ON.

  2. Enforce Process: While we recommend enforcing process when tracking inventory as it goes through recon, by checking this, your account will no longer enforce process. This means your team can move vehicles from Delivered to Front Line without following process.

  3. Concurrent Timers: In general, a vehicle can only be in one department at a time. However, if you choose to have inventory assigned to multiple departments in parallel, you will need to enable this feature. Common scenarios where you would use this is when you want to notify the windshield vendor or have parts department order a part on backorder but not stop other work from happening on the vehicle.

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