Workflow Steps

When you register for the free trial, your account will be configured with a sample workflow consisting of multiple steps or stations in the assembly line where work takes place. The arrows in the image below represent the conveyor belts along which inventory can move. You have the flexibility to add or remove stations and adjust conveyor belts according to your business requirements as it evolves over time.

Each station is equipped with a timer and three lights: green, yellow, and red. The timer starts when a vehicle enters the station and continues until it leaves.

As soon as a vehicle enters the station, the green light turns on, and the timer begins to tick. When the green light activates, you can specify which users to notify via text and/or email about new work that was assigned to them or their department. The timer continues running, and if it surpasses the 48-hour mark in this example, the yellow light comes on. At this point, after 48 hours of idle time, additional team members can be alerted to nudge them and let them know that the vehicle is approaching a potential delay or red status. If the work isn't completed within 72 hours, the timer keeps running and turns red, triggering notifications to additional personnel (example managers). This escalation path ensures effective communication between your technicians and managers.

In addition to these time and event-triggered notifications, the system also generates a daily report, providing departments with information on the inventory currently in their queue.

Workflow steps can be managed under Recon > 'Workflow / Steps' menu or by visiting the url below.

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