Recon In Progress Report

The "Recon In Progress," also known as the HIT LIST or TFS (Time From Step) report, presents a comprehensive view of the current inventory in the reconditioning phase. It offers essential information on the duration each vehicle has spent in reconditioning since its initial entry into the 'Start Step' and its current time within the ongoing step. This report serves as a valuable tool for monitoring the status and efficiency of the reconditioning process.

This report shows ALL inventory that is not in a final step and has exited the Start Step at least once. You can choose to exclude certain departments from this report (ex: sublet etc).

This report automatically excludes inventory that has already reached a final step (ex: wholesale, front line)

Explanation of report below:

There are 3 vehicles currently in recon that have entered the Delivered step.

It has been an average of 5 days since they first entered the Delivered step.

Of the 3 vehicles, 2 are currently in Estimate state and 1 in Detail.

All three of them have been in their respective steps for 5 days.

You can click on the VIN number to view the full details of that specific vehicle.

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