Inventory Import

We receive a daily data feed of your current inventory from your DMS or Inventory Management application, and in some cases, we can update it even more frequently, such as hourly.

The authorized data sources encompass vAuto, DealerSocket HomeNet, VinSolutions, eBizautos, Dealer Specialties and many more.

Additionally, vehicles can be manually added at any time. When the next data feed is received, each record is synchronized to reflect the DMS information, including updating the stock number.

Optionally, we can also set up your account to automatically remove vehicles as they drop off your inventory to catch any vehicles that might have missed being updated.

To get started, go to recon settings section of your account and click the 'Data Feed Request' button as shown below.

Please note: while the data feed request is automated, most data providers require dealership's approval for the feed to be activated on thier end.

Select the provider you'd like to request the inventory feed from and press the 'Send Request' button

If you do not see your data provider in the list, the chances are that it is because we are not set up to automatically integrate with them and it requires manual communication.

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